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My mother was thirty-one at the time.  I was sixteen.  It was not uncommon to marry young in those days. The terrible uncertainty of war sent many couples in love to the altar, in desperate hopes that their vows would give them some heaven-blessed protection from the horrors that were whispered of behind barred doors; […]


I know what you’re thinkin. You’re lookin at me and sayin to yourself; “This guy’s some kinda weirded out crack-head, right?  Well hey, you are like so wrong; I don’t do crack, it’s not good for you. I do pure, organic weed and that’s it.  I care about my body.  So you might be thinkin, […]


From where I stand at the attic gable window, I can see the coroner’s people carrying the woman’s body out to their black van. They handle her as though she were a bundle of old, discarded clothes for the Goodwill, or a broken store window mannequin.  One of the men looks at his watch and […]