The Fiancee

The writing challenge was to create a story using these 5 words: 

San Francisco  – Leg  –  Tomato  –  Watch  –  Porsche

This is what I came up with 🙂

           “Duncan just called, they landed about ten minutes ago, so as soon as they pick up their luggage, they’ll be on their way over here!”  Eleanor was beside herself with excitement, checked her watch and straightened the pillows on the sofa for the fifth time in the last half hour.

            Her husband, Ralph, laid down his newspaper and lit his pipe. “That’s great! Now why are they flying in from San Francisco again?”

            “That’s where she’s from, San Francisco. I guess she wanted to stop there to pack some extra clothes and things…it’s much colder here than at Duncan’s place in Mexico, you know.”  Eleanor still marveled at how her son had happened to meet the woman he referred to as ‘the love of my life’, when they lived in places so distant from one another.  “She’s just like no one you’ve ever seen!” he had told her. Eleanor just knew that she and Ralph were going to love her.

            Ralph, blowing a ring of smoke asked, “Everything ready for dinner? You made all his favorite dishes right?”

            “How could I not?” Eleanor giggled. “This is more important than his birthday…we’re celebrating his upcoming marriage, for goodness sake.  I made pot roast with lots of carrots and onions and celery and covered it with two cans of chopped tomatoes, just the way he loves it!”

            Her husband smacked his lips and made, “Mmmm-mmmmm” sounds.

            “And peach pie for dessert!”

            “Can’t wait,” Ralph grinned.

            Forty-five minutes later, a Hertz rented Porsche pulled up in front of the house. Eleanor dropped the curtain she’d been peeking out through and rushed to wait by the front door. “They’re here!” she cried.  Ralph set his pipe down in the ashtray and went to stand beside her. “This is just so exciting, isn’t it, honey?” he murmured, patting her arm.

“It’s wonderful!” she agreed, fanning herself.  “I’m just so worked up, I’m perspiring and everything!”

            When the doorbell rang, they both jumped, even though they were expecting it. Ralph reached out and pulled the door open with a flourish and there stood Duncan. Alone.

            Dismayed, Eleanor cried, “Why, Duncan, where’s—“ but before she could finish, Duncan, beaming, said, “Here we are! Mom, Dad…I want you to meet Bridget! Bridget, this is my mother and father.”

            Ralph, completely confused, looked at Duncan and at the empty space next to him on the porch and blinked. Eleanor blinked as well and as if choreographed, both began to speak at once, “But honey—“

            “Didn’t I tell you she was unlike anyone you’ve ever seen?” Duncan beamed. “See, sweetheart,” he said, bending down and wrapping an arm around apparently nothing, “I told you that you were getting all nervous for no reason.”

            Ralph stared. Eleanor stared—both struggling to make some kind of sense out of their son’s behavior. Eleanor spoke first: “Um, Duncan? Are you all right? I mean, has there been some sort of accident that you want to tell us about?”

            Duncan, looking confused, shook his head. “What? Accident? What are you talking about mom? Are YOU okay?” 

            Ralph reached out to touch his son’s hand, which was hanging in midair at the moment. “Son…there’s no one here with you. You’re alone here. What’s going on?”

            Jerking his hand away in shock, Duncan cried, “Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you? Bridget, I’m so sorry, honey, they’ve never acted like this before.” 

            “Sweetheart,” Eleanor squeaked, “There’s nobody here, but you!”

            Duncan looked flummoxed for a moment, then as a thought suddenly struck him, his face got hard. “Wait a minute. I get it now…you’re freaking out because she’s a midget! How could you be so petty and narrow-minded, for God’s sake? So she’s a little short-legged—she beautiful and sweet and—“

            “Bridget the midget?” Ralph and Eleanor said together.

            “Okay, THAT’S IT!!! I am not going to stand here and let you insult my wife-to-be! We are LEAVING!”  And with that, he spun on his heel and stomped down the steps to the front walkway. Stopping halfway to the car, he suddenly turned, bent down and said, “What, honey? No, YOU tell them.”

            Ralph and Eleanor were halfway across the porch, running to catch up with their son and try to reason with him when a sweet, breathless little voice rang out, apparently from midair…



2 comments on “The Fiancee

  1. good one! never saw that one coming. I really liked it.

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