Creative Writing

Arlett’s Christmas Repairman

            I can tell you this much, there isn’t no one coulda been more shocked than me to have Jesus show up at their front door on Christmas Eve. I mean, it ain’t like I’ve ever been some church-goin kinda gal or anything. I always believed in God though, don’t get me […]

Gotta Love Me

By Tina Wagner Mattern                     When our cat, Brodie, was born, his mother, Ginger, developed a breast infection, so he and his siblings had to be nurtured and hand-fed by their human grandmother, my good friend Ellen.  She tended them devotedly; hers was the first face the kittens saw in the morning and the […]

The Fiancee

The writing challenge was to create a story using these 5 words:  San Francisco  – Leg  –  Tomato  –  Watch  –  Porsche This is what I came up with 🙂            “Duncan just called, they landed about ten minutes ago, so as soon as they pick up their luggage, they’ll be on their way over […]