I’ve been giving this grandmother thing some thought and this is what I’ve decided: There are some serious flaws in the system. The first flaw seems rather obvious: in order to have grandchildren, you must first have children. This is just not right. It’s like saying you can’t have the fun of getting a puppy […]

Gotta Love Me

By Tina Wagner Mattern                     When our cat, Brodie, was born, his mother, Ginger, developed a breast infection, so he and his siblings had to be nurtured and hand-fed by their human grandmother, my good friend Ellen.  She tended them devotedly; hers was the first face the kittens saw in the morning and the […]

A 49 Year Conversation

Submitted this to Chicken Soup’s upcoming “From Lemons To Lemonade” book  –  Now I wait….   It was the summer of 1964. I was fourteen years old and all was right with the world. Not only was I ready to start my freshman year in high school, but wonder of wonders, I had achieved coolness: […]

BREATHING EASY ~ Published in Chicken Soup “Parenthood” March 2013

Moments after our daughter was born, the doctor held her up and pronounced, “She’s beautiful and perfect!” With her healthy cries ringing in my ears, I reached out and the nurse placed her in my arms. “Hello Summer,” I whispered, “Welcome to the world.”  At my voice, her sobs quieted and she nuzzled against my […]

Mickey Newbury ~ Cortelia Clark

If you’ve never discovered Mickey Newbury–it’s time. He can break your heart with his songs and music. He’s gone now but never forgotten…..  


I can listen to Rod McKuen for hours….. For a while the only earth that Sloopy knew was in her sandbox. Two rooms on Fifty-fifth Street were her domain. Every night she’d sit in the window among the avocado plants waiting for me to come home (my arms full of canned liver and love). We’d […]


Published in Cup Of Comfort’s “Cup Of Comfort For Couples” 2010 I have been happily married for thirty-four years…to two men. Fortunately, they both occupy the same body, so I’m not in danger of being carted off to prison any time soon. Husband number one’s name is Fred, a hardworking mechanical engineer, quiet, reserved, serious, […]