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AGAINST ALL ODDS ~ By Tina Wagner Mattern

In the years before I met my husband, my dating track record was abysmal, consisting mostly of men who thought I’d placed an ad in the personals: “Doormat seeking man to support. Only abusive, married, alcoholic, drug-addicted parolees need apply.” By the time Fred came along, I was a bitter twenty-six year old woman who […]

A 49 Year Conversation

Submitted this to Chicken Soup’s upcoming “From Lemons To Lemonade” book  –  Now I wait….   It was the summer of 1964. I was fourteen years old and all was right with the world. Not only was I ready to start my freshman year in high school, but wonder of wonders, I had achieved coolness: […]


Not long after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was flying by the seat of my pants faith-wise, a good friend of mine gave me a piece of unexpected advice: “When you see a penny—be sure to pick it up.” Well, yeah, I thought. You’d have to be from another planet not to know […]