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AGAINST ALL ODDS ~ By Tina Wagner Mattern

In the years before I met my husband, my dating track record was abysmal, consisting mostly of men who thought I’d placed an ad in the personals: “Doormat seeking man to support. Only abusive, married, alcoholic, drug-addicted parolees need apply.” By the time Fred came along, I was a bitter twenty-six year old woman who […]


Published in Cup Of Comfort’s “Cup Of Comfort For Couples” 2010 I have been happily married for thirty-four years…to two men. Fortunately, they both occupy the same body, so I’m not in danger of being carted off to prison any time soon. Husband number one’s name is Fred, a hardworking mechanical engineer, quiet, reserved, serious, […]


Published in Chicken Soup For The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Soul 2005   When people ask me, “How did you survive cancer? I don’t have to think twice. Bottom line? It was love; the love of God and my patient, funny, rock solid husband, Fred. Poor Freddie though, never knew from one day to the next […]