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Arlett’s Christmas Repairman

            I can tell you this much, there isn’t no one coulda been more shocked than me to have Jesus show up at their front door on Christmas Eve. I mean, it ain’t like I’ve ever been some church-goin kinda gal or anything. I always believed in God though, don’t get me […]

Off The Hook

“You’re my best friend” Marcie told me, lifting the red book in her hands. “I’m worried about you. You have got to quit smoking!”  She held the self-help book out to me and said, “This book really helped my husband quit. Maybe it’ll work for you too.”           I sighed. My husband and children had […]


This story was published in Chicken Soup’s “A Book Of Miracles” It was one of those miserable cold and rainy days in February that Portland, Oregon is famous for, and I was in a mood. Some people like rain. I am not one of those people. I had already gotten drenched once that day; taking […]